Selling a car is a simple process, when your car buyer is Ready Car Removal. We are a cash for cars buyers in Melbourne that understands that car owners have many questions when selling their cars to a car removal company. We have comprised a list of the most commonly asked questions to help car owners considering selling their cars to a car removal company like Ready Car Removal.

  • Q. How Fast Can I Get My Car Sold? A. Very fast. Ready Car Removal provides instant cash quotes for cars and can remove cars the same day that sellers accept our offers for their vehicles. Typically, we can complete the removal in a couple of hours from the acceptance of our offers.
  • Q. What Do I Need to Sell My Car to Ready Car Removal? A. We require that all car sellers have proof of ownership for their vehicles. We accept the title of ownership, as well as registrations for the vehicles. We also require that the sellers have a valid photo ID, and the plates for their vehicles removed, at the time of the sale.
  • Q. How Do I Get A Quote for My Car?A. Getting a quote is super easy with us. Ready Car Removal does not require appraisal setting. We provide cash for car quotes over the phone and online. To obtain a quote you will need to contact our appraiser and provide the details of your vehicle.
  • Q. My Car Is in Scrap Condition. Can I Get Cash for The Car?A. Yes. Ready Car Removals pays cash for scrap cars. We are auto wreckers & recyclers that collect old vehicles to recycle the metals of the vehicles. If there are parts in working condition, including body parts, we will restore the parts, which will bring a higher price for the vehicle.
  • Q. How Much Can I Get Paid for My Car?A. The price we offer for vehicles will depend on the vehicle. We consider different factors. Used cars will be evaluated on their make, model, year, odometer reading, and condition. We will also consider the wholesale value of the vehicle, as well as its market value. Old and scrap condition cars that do not have any working parts will be evaluated on their weight, size, and metals, offering a cash quote for the recycling of the metals of the vehicle. Typically, there are about two tonnes of metals in a vehicle. Damaged and wrecked vehicles will be valuated on working parts and the recycling value of the metals of the vehicles. With Ready Car Removal, you have an expert that valuates vehicles accurately.
  • Q. Do I Have to Pay to Have My Car Towed To You?A. No. Part of the service we provide when we purchase vehicles is to provide free car removals anywhere in Melbourne. The car removal is part of our process of buying vehicles. We schedule removals after owners’ have accepted our cash offers for their vehicles. All cash offers are paid at the time of the removal process. All removals are scheduled at times that are convenient for our customers, so they do not have to work around our schedule.
  • Q. Do I Need to Be Present to Get My Car Sold?A. Yes. Ready Car Removal requires that the owner of the vehicle being sold is present during the time of its sale. We will require proof of ownership as well as confirm the seller’s identity via a photo ID.
  • Ready Car Removal offers a simple, yet complete way to sell cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, 4x4s, and buses. To get your vehicle sold today, please contact us at the number below. For an online quote, please complete our “Get a Quote” form at the top of this page. With Ready Car Removal, we are ready to purchase your unwanted car or truck today.
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